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In partnership with our professional healthcare providers, i.e., our Doctors, the Pfizer Sulit Patient Care Program provides health management support for patients prescribed with select Pfizer products. This support starts with the doctor at point of diagnosis, and continues post-diagnosis with better access to medicines through special price off via the Pfizer Sulit card, and health information materials that help the patient understand and overcome roadblocks to better health management.


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As of June 1, 2015
Pfizer Sulit Patient Care Program Terms and Conditions:

1. By using this card, the holder agrees to be bound by Pfizer Sulit Patient Care Program’s Terms and Conditions and all future amendments thereto.

2. The Pfizer Patient Sulit Patient Care Program is a disease management and patient adherence program which provides members with adherence support including patient educational materials, reminders, access measures to medicines and health support partners.

3. To avail of the benefits of the Pfizer Sulit Patient Care Program and the special access measures through the Sulit Card, the patient should enroll by accomplishing and signing the attached membership form and submitting the same to Pfizer through the physician or through fax/email. If form is submitted through fax/email a government-issued ID should be included.  Submission of the enrolment form shall signify patient’s consent to all the program’s Terms and Conditions. Enrolment in the program by the doctor is required.

4. Among the access measures is the Pfizer Sulit Card (CARD), through which members may avail themselves of their prescribed Pfizer product at  special prices  and other access benefits 

5. The CARD can be used at participating partner drugstores of Pfizer. It is not transferable. The member must present a valid doctor’s prescription together with the CARD.

6. The  CARD  is pre-activated and can be used immediately upon issuance to a patient. If no enrollment form is received by Pfizer within four (4) months from initial transaction or first usage of the CARD, the user thereof is deemed not to have agreed to herein terms and conditions and Pfizer shall have the right to deactivate the CARD. The CARD may be reactivated as soon as patients submit their duly accomplished enrollment form.

7. A patient is entitled to one CARD per medicine. Thus, a patient can only have one CARD per medicine at a given time.

8. The CARD is automatically assigned a specific quantity that can be purchased per month. The quantity will depend on the type of medicine. If less than the specific amount is consumed on a particular month, the balance shall be forfeited and at no instance will be carried over to the following month. At the start of each month, the number is reset and the CARD is again automatically assigned the specific quantity applicable for the current month.

9. The special pricing benefit to be availed of by patients shall be based on the suggested retail price of the medicine.

10. The pricing and the allowed quantity bought through the CARD and all other benefits may be changed by Pfizer without prior notice.

11. The CARD benefits are valid for cash or credit card purchases, except for Health Support Partner offers which are subject to separate mechanics.

12. This CARD is issued by Pfizer, Inc. and remains to be its property. In case of loss, the card is meant to be  returned to:

Pfizer, Inc.
23/F Ayala Life-FGU
6811 Ayala Avenue, Makati City

13. For any claims related to CARD benefits, patients must be able to present Official Receipt issued by the drugstore where the product was purchased.

14. By using the CARD and enrolling in the Pfizer Sulit Patient Care Program corresponding to the prescribed medication, patients are deemed to have accepted the Terms and Conditions herein stated. By having accepted the terms and conditions, the patient understands and acknowledges that the information disclosed in the Enrollment Form as well as information obtained in the course of the Pfizer Sulit Patient Care Program are collected, processed and stored in a Pfizer-managed data base which shall be used and administered solely by Pfizer and its affiliate companies to continue providing its services, implement its Patient Care Programs and to monitor the frequency of use and quantity of purchases made by the Cardholder. The patient likewise agrees that the information referred to in this section may be disclosed to the patient’s attending physician and to any of Pfizer-authorized affiliates and third parties for any purposes that may include monitoring and following-up on the patient’s compliance with his physician’s prescription as well as improving Pfizer’s Sulit Patient Care Programs.

15. Any patient-specific information may not be used in any form of publication or promotional material without prior written approval by the patient.  De-identified and aggregate patient data may be analyzed and used to provide basis to further improve the program.

16. By availing of the benefits granted by program, members consent to receiving mail, email, calls, text messages and/or other means of communication from Pfizer and its affiliate companies on healthcare and Patient Care Program-related topics which by applicable regulations, they may refuse or decline at any time.

17. Pfizer and its affiliate companies shall NOT be responsible or liable to the patient-member for any loss or damage incurred or suffered as a consequence of: a. Any malfunction, defect or error in any machine or system of authorization whether belonging to or operated by Pfizer or its Drugstore-partners; b. Any delay or inability of Pfizer to perform any of its obligations pursuant to these terms and conditions due to any mechanical, data processing, or telecommunication failure, act of God, civil disturbance, or any event outside Pfizer, Inc.’s control or as a consequence of any fraud or forgery; c. Any damage to or loss of or inability to retrieve any data or information that may be stored in any Card or any device whatsoever.

18. To the extent allowed by law and applicable regulations, Pfizer and its affiliate companies shall verify the identity of prescribing doctors indicated in the form. In the event that a prescribing doctor or the information relating to the prescribing doctor is found to be fictitious or false, Pfizer reserves the right to cancel the patient’s membership to Pfizer Sulit Patient Care Program, including all its benefits.

19. The  benefits to the program may be availed of for the duration that Pfizer offers the same. Pfizer may stop or continue the program at any time at its own discretion.

Do you have questions about the Pfizer Sulit Patient Care Program?  For more information, contact:

Available 7AM to 7PM, Mondays to Sundays.
Call: Metro Manila 671-1000
PLDT Provincial Toll free 1-800-10-671-1000
Digitel Provincial Toll free 1-800-3-671-1000
Provincial Long Distance 02-671-1000
Email: Pfizerclub@Pfizer.com
Text: 09188- PFIZER (09188-734937)
Fax: Metro Manila (02) 672-2000
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